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Code of Ethics

  1. The duties performed by the Paralegal shall at all times be subject to the supervision of a Lawyer. Paralegals shall not present themselves as lawyers, nor shall they give legal advice to a client.
  2. A Paralegal shall at all times discharge his or her duties with the utmost honesty and integrity.
  3. A Paralegal shall work in a conscientious, diligent and efficient manner and shall provide a quality of service which a Lawyer would reasonably expect of a competent Paralegal.
  4. A Paralegal has a duty to hold in strict confidence all information acquired in the course of the professional relationship concerning the business and affairs of the Lawyer and the clients whom they serve. No information concerning these matters shall be disclosed to any person outside the Lawyer’s practice unless the Lawyer expressly authorizes such disclosure or the law requires such disclosure.
  5. A Paralegal is duty bound to observe all relevant rules and laws regarding the preservation and safekeeping of the property of clients entrusted to the Lawyer.
  6. A Paralegal shall assist in maintaining the integrity of the legal profession.
  7. A Paralegal’s conduct towards other members of the legal profession shall be characterized by courtesy and good faith.