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Benefits of being a member of the BCPA

The BCPA is an advocate to help paralegals get the most out of their profession.  The Board of Directors represents paralegals across the province with regional directors in the lower mainland, interior and Vancouver Island. Members include paralegals working at law firms, in-house legal departments, government ministries, contractors working for lawyers, as well as students enrolled in paralegal programs, educational administrators and others.

Member Benefits include:




The BCPA is working to advance the recognition of paralegals in BC through certification and / or occupational title protection which will help clarify the role and increase the profile of paralegals.  Success is dependent on a strong membership base. 

Salary Survey:



The BCPA's annual survey of voting members compares salaries and benefits of paralegals across the province and in all practice areas.  Results are available to members only and helps them to see where they fit in and can be a valuable tool in negotiating a raise. 





The BCPA encourages paralegals to take pride in their profession. The BCPA provides an opportunity for paralegals to meet their peers and network through events, the members only directory and online forum.  Members are encouraged to volunteer and to share their ideas to help shape your association.




The "Paralegal Press" is published 3 times yearly and reports on BCPA activities and upcoming events.  The Newsletter includes articles on topics of interest to members, such as case law, procedural developments, and technological advances.

Employment Opportunities:

Regular emails alert members to the most recent employment opportunities, province-wide, on the BCPA website.  These employment opportunities have been known to inspire a change in practice area and firm.

Lunch & Learn:

Free, informative seminars on various topics of value to paralegals.  L&Ls are held 5 times a year in Vancouver and are available province-wide by webinar.  Missed sessions can be viewed later online.

Networking Events:


Networking Events - Annual fall dinners and spring networking events for members provide a great opportunity to network, win great prizes and hear informative and engaging speakers.  

Preferred Pricing:


Continuing Legal Education of British Columbia (CLEBC), Trial Lawyers Association of BC and other organizations provide preferred pricing on courses and conferences to members of the BCPA.

BCPA Registered Paralegal Designation:
Voting members, who maintain their membership in good standing, are eligible to use the designation "BCPA Registered Paralegal".